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A very powerful digital decisioning platform where you can receive submissions to your programs, and filter them based on a set of criteria you define by yourself, it can be used for competitions, recruitment, scholarship contests or any other programs.

It comes with its own form builder, but you also can use any other form services - including Google Form - and pass the submissions through Zapier into it.

Razeen's Stack:


An educational traffic safety video game for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X) using Unity.

It was shipped within an educational package provided by Traffic Safety Signature Program to local schools, this package also includes educational videos, publications, and other training activities to raise awareness between children about traffic safety rules in Saudi Arabia.

I worked on all programming aspects of the game (animation, sound, physics, AI, etc.), also I worked on the game's website where school principles can follow up with the students.

Jawlah's Stack:


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