I'm inspired by

It might seem funny but I fell in love with Omar the moment he showed me the cool features of Sublime Text back in 2014, I was such a newbie that my eyes turned to stars when I learnt about Column Selection and how it makes it easy to change hundred of lines at the same time.

Now these features may look so basic for me, but Omar still amazes me even after 5 years of our relationship, I can state with all confidence that he is one of the top programmers I've met.

He also was the one who inspired me to start my wiki - even though his is so different than mine -.

DHH is the creator of Ruby on Rails, the founder/CTO of Basecamp, and a racing driver.

What I like about him is that in addition to his technical skills and massive influence, he is a man of principles and we share a similar moral code, he always fights against inhuman working environments and circumstances, he promotes remote working with all the decent values that come with it, and he his political viewpoints are heart warming.

Sindre Sorhus is a full-time open-sourcer, that means instead of getting paid monthly by a company, he gets paid by the community that benefit from his work.

This level of distribution & contribution - as oppose to centralization - gives me a big hope about the future of employment, maybe one day, we will not need to work for capital companies anymore and we will make life by paying to each other directly, this is a big topic of course and this is not the place to go in further details.


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